WASHINGTON POST: One year after Jan. 6, truth hangs in the balance

By Wes Moore

As with so many of my fellow Americans, I’ve been paying close attention to the efforts of select members of Congress, including Maryland’s own Rep. Jamie Raskin (D), to fully discern the motives and influences of last Jan. 6, when, for the first time in our nation’s history, the smooth, peaceful transfer of power seemed for one violent day altogether unlikely.

There are those who assert that we need to move on and “actually focus on things that matter” to everyday Americans and working families. It was, they claim, merely an instance of things getting out of hand, when a few well-meaning, though misguided “patriots,” went a bit too far in their constitutionally protected right to protest and demonstrate on democracy’s front porch.

We have, they claim, far more important issues to confront and resolve.

My answer to that, as a veteran who led soldiers in combat in Afghanistan, as a husband and father who cares deeply about the future of this nation, is, no, we don’t.

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