RELEASE: Wes Moore unveils comprehensive plan to grow Maryland’s economy


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Dec. 16, 2021

Wes Moore unveils comprehensive plan to grow  Maryland’s economy

Innovative plan operationalizes Moore’s pledge to increase work, wages, and wealth for families in Maryland

Policy rollout comes at a time of great momentum for the Moore campaign, following high-profile endorsements and announcement of former delegate and infrastructure expert Aruna Miller as running mate

BALTIMORE (Dec. 16, 2021) – Today, Democratic candidate for Maryland Governor Wes Moore unveiled an innovative and comprehensive plan to grow Maryland’s economy and make it more inclusive for every family in the state. 

This plan comes at a time when Maryland’s unemployment rate continues to sit well above the national average and nearly 200,000 Marylanders remain out of work. 

“Maryland’s economy works because of our proximity to the federal government, world-class education system, diversity and great quality of life, but we continue to underperform in key areas and far too many Marylanders are left behind,” Moore said. “As governor, I will take Maryland to the next level and help us to achieve our true potential by building a stronger economic infrastructure that gives every person in this state the ability to get a great job, earn higher wages and build wealth that they can pass on to their children.”

As governor, Moore will strengthen the underlying foundation of Maryland’s economy by leveraging the state’s core strengths to drive economic opportunity, identify new areas Maryland can better compete, and build an economic infrastructure that lifts up every family. 

The Moore-Miller Administration will take Maryland’s economy to the next level and build a stronger economic infrastructure that will lift up everyone. 

This plan will build the workforce of the future by improving access to early childhood education, driving students into STEM fields and creating new pathways to the workforce through affordable job training programs. 

The Moore-Miller Administration will make talent recruitment a top priority by leveraging incentives to attract remote workers to the state and marketing all that Maryland has to offer. To make Maryland the best place to move, grow and stay, the Moore-Miller Administration will recruit new industries and create thousands of new jobs, support small and micro businesses by eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations and making it easier for them to win the state’s business.  

“This comprehensive plan to increase work, wages, and wealth for Maryland’s families and increase economic equity reflects exactly why I was so excited to join this ticket,” Moore’s running mate Aruna Miller, a former delegate and civil and transportation engineer, said. “The Moore-Miller administration will fight for everyday families and get Marylanders to work with careers that impart dignity and jobs of the future. We will do this with this bold policy framework, as well as by understanding the interconnectedness of the issues we face, leveraging every solution — transportation, education, food security, and more — to create progress.”

This thorough plan operationalizes Moore’s pledge to increase work, wages, and wealth for families in Maryland by outlining comprehensive frameworks to:

  • Build the workforce of the future by transforming Maryland’s workforce development system and implementing new short-term credentialing programs to get people the skills they need, increasing funding for apprenticeships, investing in STEM education and ensuring that every Maryland child in need has access to high-quality early childhood education. 
  • Drive innovation and technology advancements by producing 150,000 new STEM graduates during his first term, establishing Maryland as the Capital of Quantum, and partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to bring our research and technology to market.
  • Grow new industries and businesses by leveraging relationships with Maryland’s federal agencies, military installations, and colleges and universities. Wes will update economic development incentives to include tailored workforce recruitment and training programs and eliminate bureaucratic barriers for businesses.
  • Attract and retain talent by creating a talent recruitment function in the Department of Commerce and by implementing incentives for remote workers to move to Maryland.
  • Support small and micro businesses by modernizing the regulatory process and  making it easier for Maryland businesses to compete and win, setting binding benchmarks for state small business and MBE procurement and increasing access to capital and technical assistance for these entrepreneurs.
  • Support working families by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2023, strengthening Maryland’s child care and early childhood education systems,  implementing a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program in Maryland, and leveraging new federal transportation funds to connect people with new opportunities.

“This comprehensive policy agenda to grow Maryland’s economy reflects so much about why I am proud to support Wes Moore to be Maryland’s next Governor,” Montgomery County Councilmember Will Jawando (At Large) said. “Wes has the experience to understand these issues — both his lived experience and his deep professional experience — and the skills and vision to create and enact the policies to meet them.”

“Wes Moore understands from his work in the business and nonprofit sectors that a truly strong economy is built from its foundation, from the workforce itself. That’s why this economic plan is workforce-focused,” Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman said. “Marylanders want the inclusive and resilient economy that Wes envisions, and that’s why he will win in June and in November.”

“Everyone should be inspired and energized by what Wes Moore’s comprehensive plan to grow Maryland’s economy will mean for workers, families, and small businesses in particular,” Business leader James DeGraffenreidt said. “Wes Moore understands that we can create more seats at the table by building a bigger table. Maryland needs the Moore-Miller administration.”

Moore’s rapidly growing coalition includes endorsements from former Maryland Governor and Prince George’s County Executive Parris Glendening; Maryland Democratic Party Michael Cryor and Susie Turnbull; VoteVetsPAC, one of the top veterans advocacy organizations in the country; The Baltimore Fire Officers Union Local 964; Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman; Sen. Obie Patterson (District 27); Sen. Delores Kelley (District 10); Montgomery County Councilmember Will Jawando (At Large); Sen. Cheryl Kagan (District 17); Baltimore City Councilmembers Zeke Cohen (District 1);  Mark Conway (District 4); James Torrence (District 7); John Bullock (District 9); Phylicia Porter (District 10); Eric Costello (District 11); Robert Stokes (District 12); Odette Ramos (District 14); Sen. Antonio Hayes (District 40); and Delegates Marlon Amprey (District 40); Frank Conaway, Jr. (District 40); Melissa Wells (District 40); and Stephanie Smith (District 45), who is Chair of the Baltimore City Delegation.