RELEASE: Wes Moore releases new TV ad ‘What They’re Made Of’

Contact: Carter Elliott, 434-942-4755, [email protected]
Oct. 12, 2022

Wes Moore releases new TV ad ‘What They’re Made Of’

New ad highlights Wes’ military service from the perspective of a fellow soldier

Will begin airing this week on Fox News and other local stations

BALTIMORE (Oct. 13, 2022) – Today, the Wes Moore for Maryland campaign released a new tv ad, “What They’re Made Of,” highlighting Wes’ military service through the perspective of a fellow soldier Wes served with in combat.

“This six-figure ad buy will run across Baltimore and Salisbury on broadcast and cable starting today, and is the beginning of an aggressive media strategy to connect with voters all across Maryland,” said Carter Elliott, campaign spokesperson.

Watch “What They’re Made Of” here.


Capt. Devin Flavin:

So I served with Wes Moore in Afghanistan.

When you’re in a combat zone with someone, you really get to see who they are and what they’re made of. 

And with Wes, you’ve got to remember, this is a man who was a Rhodes Scholar.

He could have been doing anything, but he volunteered to put his life on the line for our country.

To me, that says all you need to know.

Wes is a natural leader. That’s how we all felt about him. 

And I know he’ll make a great Governor.


Wes Moore is a U.S. Army combat veteran who led soldiers in combat with the 82nd Airborne Division, a Rhodes Scholar, former small business owner, and former CEO of one of the nation’s largest anti-poverty organizations. He is the Democratic nominee for Maryland governor for the Nov. 8 election. Learn more at