Civil Rights and Social Justice

When Wes talks about equity and social justice, he is not simply reacting to the politics of the moment – he is speaking to his lived realities. Wes knows that we will never achieve our potential – as individuals or as a state – until equity is achieved.

Wes applauded the Maryland legislature last year for passing some of the nation’s most comprehensive police accountability legislation, and we must continue to build on that progress and ensure it is executed effectively.

That means continuing the march toward equity in our criminal justice system by supporting policies that promote redemption and second chances and reforming our prison systems. Wes will legalize cannabis, expunge the records of anyone convicted of simple possession, and prioritize equitable access to this emerging industry.

But, true equity and social justice extends far beyond criminal justice. It means equity in housing. It means equity in access to education and health care. It means environmental justice. It means fixing procurement policies and increasing liquidity for our MBEs to increase job growth. It means supporting our HBCUs and committing to eliminating the wealth gap. And Wes doesn’t just talk about these things as priorities, he has already led on them. Wes helped launch Ninety-To-Zero, an initiative that brought leading CEOs and Executive Directors across all pillars of the nation’s economy to provide a roadmap for companies and organizations to act as an engine for continued collaborative learning to end the racial wealth gap.