Right now, Maryland is home to some of the best public schools in America and also some of the most underfunded. The quality of education a child receives shouldn’t depend on the zip code where that child lives or what that child’s parents do for a living – but, sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening in our state today. It’s been this way for far too long.

For Wes, the true value of a strong education is personal – it’s what allowed him to fulfill his potential. Wes comes from a family of educators, and he credits the teachers who spent time with him along the way, listened to him, and took an interest in his life with putting him on a path to success. 

Here in Maryland, Wes was an advocate for The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, and testified in Annapolis for its passage. As Governor, Wes would protect the hard-fought gains of the Kirwan Commission and build on its strong foundation. Wes would ensure the proper implementation of its recommendations, which includes: extending tutoring programs, increased funding for digital devices critical to modern learning, raising teacher pay, additional access to pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds from low-income families, and more equitable funding for schools in neglected areas of our state. 

Wes built a small business based in Baltimore devoted to improving college access and college completion. He knows there’s so much more than the cost of tuition – it is about the true cost of attendance and the need to encourage post-secondary educational models that foster each person’s talent and potential. That’s what Wes will do as Governor. 

Wes will also build the infrastructure families need to access those opportunities, including closing the digital divide and increasing affordability and access to high speed broadband across the state, from urban to rural environments. Over 500,000 Marylanders still don’t have high speed internet at home, and Wes will prioritize changing those unacceptable realities.