BREAKING: Prince George’s County leaders rally behind Wes Moore in major endorsement

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June 16, 2022

Prince George’s County leaders rally behind Wes Moore in major endorsement

Senators Griffith, Augustine, Jackson, Pinsky, and Watson; Council Chair Hawkins; and Councilmembers Dernoga and Streeter become latest Prince George’s leaders to support Moore 

Moore pledges ‘partnership and unity’ and U.S. Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer celebrates endorsements from leaders who see in Moore ‘the visionary leader we need to help build a stronger future for Maryland’

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (June 16, 2022) – Leading Democratic Candidate for Maryland Governor Wes Moore added several leaders from Prince George’s County to his unparalleled coalition of supporters today, as leaders from the region and across the state rally behind his candidacy.

Joining the Moore-Miller coalition are: 

  • President pro tempore of the Maryland Senate Melony Griffith (District 25)
  • Sen. Malcolm Augustine (District 47)
  • Sen. Mike Jackson (District 27)
  • Sen. Paul Pinsky (District 22)
  • Sen. Ron Watson (District 23)
  • Prince George’s County Council Chair Calvin Hawkins (At Large)
  • Councilmember Tom Dernoga (District 1)
  • Councilmember Rodney Streeter (District 7)

Griffith, Augustine, Pinsky, Watson, Hawkins, and Streeter delivered their endorsements in person, flanked by other leaders in Prince George’s County who have endorsed Moore including State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy, Del. Cheryl Landis (District 23B), Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith (District 23A), Bowie Mayor Pro Tem & Councilmember Adrian Boafo, and Bowie City Councilmember Michael Esteve (District 11).

The endorsements signal leaders in Prince George’s County have continued to rally behind Moore, who enjoyed unparalleled support in the region even before former Prince George’s County Executive Rushern suspended his campaign last week. 

“I’m proud to stand with Wes Moore and join with so many others from Prince George’s County who see in him the visionary leader we need to help build a stronger future for Maryland,” U.S. Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer said in a statement. “I’ve been supporting Wes because he is the right person to lead Democrats to victory in November and the right leader for this moment in the history of our state.  Wes understands that we can’t have a strong Maryland without a strong Prince George’s County.” 

“Wes Moore has proven that his strategic thinking and his ability to work with others makes him the right person, at the right time, with the right vision and lived experience to be our next governor,” said President pro tempore of the Maryland Senate Melony Griffith (District 25). “Wes Moore is uniquely positioned to lead this incredible state.”

“We need someone who’s going to fight for social, economic and environmental justice,” said Sen. Paul Pinsky (District 22). “Someone who is going to talk about civil rights, someone who talks about tax fairness and closing corporate loopholes. Someone who has a moral compass who is not going to stoop to pandering, who understands tough decisions will have to be made and can offer a vision … I’m proud to be here today to endorse Wes Moore.”

“I spent all week meeting with our senior citizens, who talked to me about the challenges with rent control, how everything is going up … what opportunities exist for us to help them when their retirement is not increasing,” said Sen. Ron Watson (District 23). “I spoke to many of them this week and I said one thing: I know someone who has pledged to not leave anyone behind. And his name is Wes Moore, and I’m so proud to stand here and support Wes Moore for the next governor of the state of Maryland.”

“My team and I are 100 percent fully invested and ready to work the way we work in Prince George’s County,” said Prince George’s County Council Chair Calvin Hawkins (At Large). “Wes, you are that guy. … Everywhere I go, I’m hearing about Wes Moore. If we are to make history with Wes Moore, it is our responsibility. We have an opportunity on July 19 for history to smile on us because Prince George’s County rose to the occasion.” 

“Assembled here are many of the most respected leaders in the county and state and we agree that the next governor of Maryland has to be Wes Moore,” said Prince George’s County Councilmember Rodney C. Streeter (District 7). “He has a sharp wit, gracious manner, and a demonstrated track record of success in various sectors of business, and he understands the needs of our community.”

In his bid to become the next Governor of Maryland, Wes Moore has earned the support of U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD-5), former Governor and former Prince George’s County Executive Parris Glendening; former Democratic nominee for Governor Ben Jealous; Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks; Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman; Former Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler; Former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith; Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy; Sen. Guy Guzzone (District 13); Del. Andrea Harrison (District 24); Sen. Antonio Hayes (District 40); Sen. Cheryl Kagan (District 17); Sen. Delores Kelley (District 10); Sen. Susan Lee (District 16); Sen. Obie Patterson (District 26); Former Sen. Nathaniel McFadden (District 45); Del. Marlon Amprey (District 40); Del. Vanessa Atterbeary (District 13); Del. Ben Barnes (District 21); Del. Kumar Barve (District 17); Del. Lisa Belcastro (District 11); Del. Regina Boyce (District 43); Del. Chanel Branch (District 45); Del. Ben Brooks (District 10); Del. Frank Conaway, Jr. (District 40); Del. Debra Davis (District 28); Del. Jessica Feldmark (District 13); Del. Jim Gilchrist (District 17); Del. Terri Hill (District 12); Speaker Pro Tem Del. Sheree Sample-Hughes (District 37A); Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates Adrienne Jones (District 10); Del. Rachel Jones (District 27B); Del. Anne Kaiser (District 14); Del. Cheryl Landis (District 23B); Democratic Caucus Chair Del. Jazz Lewis (District 24); , Majority Leader Del. Eric Luedtke (District 14); Del. Maggie McIntosh (District 43); Del. Edith Patterson (District 28); Del. Roxane Prettyman (District 44A); Del. Mike Rogers (District 32); Del. Sandy Rosenberg (District 41); Del. Emily Shetty (District 18); Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith (District 23A); Del. and Baltimore City Delegation Chair Stephanie Smith (District 45); Del. Melissa Wells (District 40); Del. Nicole Williams (District 22); Former Del. Gene Counihan (District 15); Baltimore County Councilmember Cathy Bevins (District 6); University Park Councilmember and Mayor-Elect Joel Biermann; Bowie Mayor Pro Tem & Councilmember Adrian Boafo; Baltimore City Councilmember John Bullock (District 9); Hagerstown City Councilmember Tiara Burnett; Morningside Mayor Bennard Cann; Charles County Commissioner Thomasina Coates (District 2); Baltimore City Councilmember Zeke Cohen (District 1); Baltimore City Councilmember Mark Conway (District 4); Baltimore City Councilmember Eric Costello (District 11); Bowie City Councilmember Michael Esteve (District 11); Gaithersburg Councilmember Lisa Henderson; Montgomery County Councilmember Will Jawando (At Large); Kensington Mayor Tracey Furman; Baltimore County Council Chair and Councilmember Julian Jones (District 4); Hagerstown Mayor Emily Keller; Hagerstown City Councilmember Tekesha Martinez; Prince George’s County Councilmember Johnathan Medlock (District 6); Former Gaithersburg Councilmember Yvette Monroe; Pocomoke City Councilmember Todd Nock (District 4); Baltimore City Councilmember Phylicia Porter (District 10); Baltimore County Councilmember Tom Quirk (District 1); Baltimore City Councilmember Odette Ramos (District 14); Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin; Riverdale Park Councilmember Richard Smith (Ward 1); Laurel Councilmember Brencis Smith (Ward 2); Baltimore City Councilmember Robert Stokes (District 12); Baltimore City Councilmember James Torrence (District 7); Christopher Stevenson, candidate for delegate in District 24; Joe Vogel, candidate for delegate in District 17; Forest Heights Mayor Calvin Washington; former Maryland Democratic Party chairs Michael Cryor and Susie Turnbull; Former Chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board Royce Hanson; The Baltimore Fire Officers Union Local 964; Collective PAC, one of the nation’s largest organizations working to build Black representation in government; Impact, a leading national organization supporting the Indian American and South Asian community; Ironworkers Local #5, a progressive union representing over 1,000 ironworkers; The Maryland League of Conservation Voters; The Maryland State Education Association; The Columbia Democratic Club; and VoteVetsPAC, one of the top veterans advocacy organizations in the country.


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