The climate crisis is here. In Maryland, we don’t just cherish our environment, we also count on it as an economic driver of the state. From the Eastern Shore, through Ellicott City, to Western Maryland, we’ve seen the effects of climate change up close, and we must be serious about the threat it can pose to our way of life.

We need a leader who will get serious about climate change and bring Maryland into the future of clean energy. We can do this by creating thousands of clean energy jobs, investing in clean energy infrastructure, reducing Maryland’s energy dependence as well as our carbon emissions, and holding bad actors and corporations accountable.

Our diverse landscape is full of wonderful natural areas, from the mountain ranges in Western Maryland to the coastlines of the lower shore. But our greatest natural resource is the Chesapeake Bay. We have so many great organizations working to protect it. Wes will use his experience as CEO of a major nonprofit to bring these groups together and ensure their success so that Marylanders can continue to live, work, and play in and around this national treasure.

Our State Parks are also treasures in Maryland. Throughout the COVID pandemic, our State Parks provided such a variety of activities to Marylanders and Wes will invest in these areas to ensure all the natural resources of our state are accessible for generations to come.